The articles listed give a wide amount of information on the city of Troy, New York. Ranging in topics from the History of Troy to Revolution Hall, there is something that everyone can glean from these articles. There is literally something for everyone: Something for the resident, the traveler, and something for everyone in between.

Something for the Resident

The residents of Troy, New York can benefit from several of these articles. Residents of the Troy area need to know the ins and outs of their hometown newspaper, The Record. In addition, it is good and wise for parents of high school students to understand the policies and offerings of Troy High School. The information given on health clinics and real estate are also valuable to natives and residents of the area. Finally, even the residents of any town will want to have ideas on what to do on the weekends, thus the restaurants and entertainment sections apply.

Something for the Traveler

For the traveler, articles are provided concerning entertainment, restaurants and hotels. Travelers to the Troy area will want to be prepared. Planning is the best way to insure that everything that can be done will be done. Perhaps of most interest to the traveler is the article titled The City of Troy New York: The Top 3 Things to Do On Your Journey.

For Everyone In Between

Regardless of whether you are a traveler or a resident, there are still several pieces of information in this article that are meant for everyone. The history of Troy is truly unique and peaks the interest of those who live in the city as well as those who are traveling to the area. In addition to this, the colleges in Troy, including Russell Sage College, RPI and the Hudson Valley Community College attract students from everywhere.

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