History of Troy NY

New York has many historical and popular cities. While many may seems to stand in the shadows of New York City, one city that stand apart is the City of Troy, New York. Troy’s history, geography and culture make it a true state gem. Read below for more on this magnificent city.

The History of Troy New York

Troy New York is one of America’s many historic cities. As with many American cities, Troy has a story and a richly developed history. The land where the city lays was part of a grant given by Van Rensselaer. One of the first major settlers in the region was Van der Heyden, who purchased the 65 acres that in 1787 became laid out as a village. In 1791, the village was bumped up to “Town” status and given the title “Town of Troy.” Eighteen-sixteen saw the birth of Troy as a city.

The Geography

In addition the history of Troy New York, the city offers a unique geography that adds to its distinction. Troy’s physical position and layout make it an ideal place for distributing as it is positioned on the Hudson River near the New York Barge Canal. In addition to the distinct presence and impact made by the Hudson River, Troy is also affected by the Adirondack Mountains. To the east there are the Berkshire Hills, which are actually part of the Appalachian mountain range.

The Demographics and Culture

The demographics of the city have been molded by the geography and the history of Troy New York. As of the 2000 census, the City of Troy is home to nearly 50,000 people, comprising almost 20,000 families.

The city itself has a Victorian flair, filled with beautiful Victorian homes. The city has been a film setting for movies such as The Time Machine, Scent of a Woman, Age of Innocence, The Bostonians, Ironweed and the Emperor’s Club.

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